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Ceiling lighting

Proper lighting conveys emotions, lends spaces atmosphere and makes it easier for people to find their way around. Concentrated beam angle creates stunning accent lighting, making produce and other promotional products in island cases sparkle and command the center of attention.

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Cove lighting

“There is no light, there is no space." Light enriches the layout of indoor interior design to meet the needs of various activities and visual functions. Linkable cove light generates continuous lighting in longer distance. Reflected by the smooth ceiling surface and light up downward, this indirect lighting minimises the harm to human eye and makes visual effect more comfortable.

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Display cases lighting

Regardless of showcase size, SELF always has the right fit. We design display lighting with all showcases in mind to achieve a combination of flexibility and maximum visual comfort.

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Open display lighting

Light affects us visually, emotionally and biologically. SELF provides an enhanced lighting experience for people in retail stores with all these aspects in perfect harmony.

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Shelf lighting

Shelving is used by retailers to display merchandise. Eye level is buy level. SELF provides high performance lighting solution with bright and consistent illuminance for display area from top shelf to the bottom.

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Wall cabinet lighting

Evolved retailers and brands today focus on ‘the way they sell more than what they sell’ in their store environments. Lighting plays a key role in creating the drama and excitement found within shopping environment.

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