SELF is a technical and quality-oriented specialist in LED lighting innovation, design and production for global market. With our well-experienced engineering team, we always focus on the latest technical, material and technology developments. We provide you with LED lighting solutions for the following segments:

-Ceiling lighting
-Cooler lighting
-Shelf & Furniture lighting
-Showcase lighting
-Lighting components

The headquarter of SELF, founded in 1993, is located in Ningbo, China. With a professional R&D team, an advanced testing laboratory center and 58,000m2 production area, SELF is well known as a National Norms Editor, for its publication of the Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting Fixture for Architectural Indoor Use(China) and as a VDE TDAP, TUV ENEC (Europe) & UL CTDP holder (North America) in lighting industries.

Combining our extensive knowledge of LED technology and creative design philosophy, as the perfect solution provider, SELF brings professional illumination into your world.

European sales network:
Cologne (European Center)
Paris (Sales office)
Birmingham (Sales office)
Milan (Sales office)
Madrid (Sales office)
Barcelona (Sales office)
Bilbao (Sales office)