SELF Electronics, is committed to providing energy efficient lighting solutions, helping our customers to create more value and actively contributing to climate and environmental protection.

Sustainability has been part of our development for many years. We integrate the social responsibility into the company's management, adhere to sustainable development strategies, and reduce carbon emissions.

As a responsible enterprise, we have been improving resource utilization efficiency and reducing resource consumption through all aspects of product development, production, packaging, transportation, and recycling. The project cases we have done prove that we have made significant contributions to sustainability.

Looking ahead, we continue to strengthen our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility through technical innovation and continue improvement.

People and the environment are interdependent and indivisible. At SELF, we seek sustainable solutions to reduce our carbon footprint, exploring and practicing this in research and development, design, sourcing, production, and operation.

Our mission is to make life better through SELF lighting solution and create a more sustainable future with the full commitment of system and the active participation of our employees which are established in our values and corporate culture.

All of SELF's operations indicate a commitment to environmental protection, which is reflected in the company's product development, manufacturing, and raw material procurement procedures, supply chain structure and the way to provide sustainable lighting solutions.

Seeing change and new technology as an opportunity to grow. We are continually working to make our goods and processes more environmentally friendly in accordance with circular economy best practices.

Product designed with environment in mind

Driven by responsibility, SELF strives to provide modularity, commonality and sustainability in product design to reduce the amount of materials from the source. We also focus on understanding the overall energy impacts of the materials that go into our products and reducing them wherever possible.

SELF has been working on optimizing the product performance, by considering the whole life-cycle. This demands systematically working with material selection, production, packaging, distribution, use, and end-of-life.

We believe that a values-based culture, supportive management, and a focus on diversity are key ingredients for us in shaping a work environment that will attract, engage, and retain talented employees.